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It is the governing principle of Amari & Locallo, and every attorney and tax analyst as advocates, to skillfully articulate in written briefs and oral arguments the unfairness of a real estate or personal property tax assessment or proposed assessment at every administrative level and, when appropriate, the Circuit Courts. We also strive to provide legal and real estate services to these property owners, as necessary.

It is our customary procedure to petition, at the appropriate times, the various assessors and tax appeal boards, locally and nationally, arguing competently and aggressively the unfairness and inequity of actual or proposed real estate and personal property tax assessments. This includes, but is not limited to, all local and national filings, compliance, appeals, and audits. After exhaustion of administrative review procedures, when necessary, we will initiate litigation as advocates for our clients.

It is our established function, through state-of-the-art computerization, technical advancements, software programs, continuing education, internal reviews and controls, diligence and attention to detail, to monitor, on a continuing basis, the status of real estate and personal property tax assessments of properties of our clients, and to provide legal services, on an as needed basis.