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Real Estate Tax Appeal Law Firm

content-imgIt is the underlying principle of Amari & Locallo to provide the highest caliber of legal services, real estate and tax assessment analysis, to owners of commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential properties, including all efforts to establish real estate and personal property tax assessments at the lowest and most equitable level possible. It is our objective to be the most competent, aggressive, and successful (in terms of results and quality of services) real estate tax lawyers and tax assessment representatives through training, experience, technical advancements, continuing education, and constant review and improvement of state of the art technology and internal procedures.

The goal of Amari & Locallo is to take all steps available, for every property of every client through administrative review and litigation, when necessary, to have excessive and inequitable real estate and personal property tax assessments reduced; as well as servicing all related real estate and legal needs.

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service in all aspects of the real estate tax appeal process by using the utmost diligence in our representation and remaining highly responsive to client questions, concerns, and requests.

Amari & Locallo has enjoyed an outstanding record of success for more than 25 years in reducing property tax assessments for a wide range of property types. Our real estate tax attorneys and analysts put years of knowledge and acquired skill to work in all aspects of the tax appeal process.

We aggressively contest your real estate tax assessments by exploring all possible bases for appealing proposed assessments and taking every step necessary to reduce your ultimate real estate tax liability.

Mission Statement

To aggressively represent commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential property owners in acquiring fair and equitable real estate and personal property tax assessments, and in related areas—exemptions and incentives, land use, eminent domain/condemnation, zoning, etc.

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